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The origins of LAGESOLOS go back to 1991, when Dr. Antonio Guerra established a research team on soil erosion and mass movements at the Department of Geography of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. This group subsequently widened its scope to additionally include environmental geomorphology. LAGESOLOS (Laboratory of Environmental Geomorphology and Soils Degradation) grew out of this group. It was formally set up in 1994 with Prof. Antonio J. T. Guerra as Coordinator. Today LAGESOLOS has 30 members including undergraduates, postgraduates and associate researchers.

The main focus of research within LAGESOLOS is soil erosion, land degradation and land recuperation. Other research projects also consider mass movements, environmental management, biodiversity, etc. LAGESOLOS has also been looking at Conservation Units, in order to carry out research on these areas, in different parts of Brasil. More recently LAGESOLOS has been looking at Geodiversity, Geoconservation and Geotourism, both in Ubatuba (São Paulo State) and Paraty (Rio de Janeiro State).

Areaswhichhavebeeninvestigated include Sorriso and Cáceres (Mato Grosso State); Açailândia and São Luis (Maranhão State); Recife (Pernambuco State); Manaus (Amazonas State); Natal (Rio Grande do Norte); Petrópolis, Niterói, Jacarépagua, Grumari, Maciço do Mendanha, Ilha Grande and Mangaratiba, Angra dos Reis and Paraty (Rio de Janeiro State) and Ubatuba (São Paulo State). In addition to research work in the field and laboratory, we also function as a centre for information on land degradation and land recuperation. Each week, members of Lagesolos answer many e-mails and other enquiries from a wide range of people: children, teenagers, undergraduates, post-graduates and lecturers from several Brazilian states and from different countries.

Currently all LAGESOLOS members are registered with Research Gate and we get in touch with researchers from the entire world.



Since the Laboratory was established, members have published over two hundred papers in international and national journals, proceedings, magazines and newspapers. Nineteen edited books have also been produced, in collaboration with lecturers from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian Universities. Several of the Laboratory’s members have published chapters in these books. International collaboration includes several papers jointly authored with Dr. David Favis-Mortlock (University of Oxford), Prof. Mike Fullen (The University of Wolverhampton) and Dr. John Boardman (University of Oxford). The Portuguese version of the LAGESOLOS homepage ( gives more information, including:

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